Electrician San Jose working in the bay area
Rick Bresnahan is a Licensed Electrician in San Jose CA

Being an electrician in San Jose, and in the trade all my life, I
have worked with some of the best electricians on some of the
biggest projects in the Nation. Some you might recognize are Intel,
Martin Marietta, Lockheed, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Agilent
Technologies, Kaiser Permanente, Disney World, Epcot Center,
Universal Studios, Wild Animal Kingdom. Disney world Residential
Neighborhood, Sun Microsystems, MGM Studios, The Wall Street
Journal, Orlando International Airport, Eastern Airlines, just to
name a few. Jails, Hospitals, Smart Houses, High rise hotels.

I live in
San Jose, but I've been around the block a few times.
Throughout my career I have dealt with all kinds of electrical
installations and troubleshooting. I've been taught by the best and
thoroughly enjoy being able to solve my customers problems and
pains with the vast amount of information I've absorbed over the

      I love being an electrician and it shows.
                    Call me now to set up an appointment!
                               Rick Bresnahan
Electrician San Jose
Voted best electrician in San Jose Award
Voted Best San Jose
Electrician of 2012
Locations served

San Jose
South Bay
Los Gatos
Santa Clara
And the entire bay area