Zinsco, Federal Pacific
and Sylvania Electrical
Panel Problems
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Zinsco panel san jose electrician needed to change
Federal Pacific electrical panel to be changed by a electrician san jose
Electrician in san jose zinsko breaker burnt to a crisp
A San Jose Electrician can replace the outlet and do a needed panel change
Zinsco Electrical Panel Fire
Zinsco Breaker Failure
Federal Pacific (FPE) Fire
Overloaded Circuit Failure
Zinsco panel identification to be changed by licensed san jose electrician
Federal Pacific that needs a panel change by a qualified electrician in san jose
Zinsco Panel
Federal Pacific Panel
Many problems have been reported with these panels and they
can pose a serious safety issue! We are a licenced electrician in
San Jose, CA and we don't just recommend that they be
replaced, we feel that all of them
should be replaced, period!
The breakers and bus bars in these electrical panels can fail
completely and can cause electrical shock or fire!
They were prevalent in the past and were installed in millions
of homes throughout the country. Many of them are
We have extensive expertise in this area and can provide a
comprehensive safety inspection.
Please call us now to set an appointment.  
                                                      Electrical Panel Safety Inspections

When and why should we have our electrical panels inspected by a licensed Electrician? Most electrical panels in
homes today are the original panels installed when the house was built. Several of these have been known to be
problematic with high failure rates. Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Sylvania panels have been known to fail completely,
causing electrical shock and fires.

Rick Bresnahan, a San Jose Electrician from B&B Electric says that even panels that are not prone to these problems
can be at risk. Today’s electrical consumption is higher than it used to be and this can cause an overload in the
system. An experienced electrician can identify safety issues and recommend a course of action. Always make sure
you have a qualified, Licensed Electrician do this inspection and any electrical work.

Other times that it would be a good idea to have your electrical panel inspected are when you add something that
draws a significant amount of power to your home. Examples could be hot tubs, air conditioners and large appliances.
They might need their own dedicated electrical circuit, which should be installed by a qualified electrician.

If a circuit breaker repeatedly trips and you have to reset it, it might be an indication that there is too much power
being used on that circuit, or that there is something else wrong. If the GFCI in an outlet keeps tripping, you should
have it looked at. In either case, when an electrician comes out, you should have him inspect your panel to make sure
it is safe. Sometimes he could just balance the load between the breakers that are already there and solve all the
problems you are having.

       Lastly, if you haven’t had your electrical panel checked in a long time, it is a good idea to do so, even if you are
not experiencing problems. When it comes to safety, it is always better safe than sorry.
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